Vaccines save lives

Vaccines have helped control and even eradicate many deadly diseases, including polio and smallpox. And now the hunt is on for a vaccine to prevent the COVID-19 disease, which has afflicted more than 2 million people worldwide. Scientists racing toward a COVID-19 vaccine are building on America’s long-standing efforts to limit the toll of infectious ...
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Statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Cases of Ebola

Infectious diseases are transnational health and national security threats. While the world is reeling from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ebola has again emerged, simultaneously, in both Central and West Africa.  The world cannot afford to turn the other way.  We must do everything in our power to respond quickly, effectively, and with commensurate resources to ...
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U.S. company wins first-ever approval of Ebola vaccine (November 26)

U.S. company wins first-ever approval of Ebola vaccine (November 26)   The U.S. pharmaceutical firm Merck & Co. has won the first-ever regulatory approval of a vaccine against the Ebola virus, a major boon in the fight against the deadly disease. The European Commission’s November 10 decision granting a significant step toward full approval of ...
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