Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela strike out against free speech

Free speech for Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans is under attack by their respective governments. “Freedom of expression is a human right,” Secretary of State  Michael R. Pompeo said on Twitter  on November 24. “The United States stands with Cuba’s people.” In  Cuba , the Castro regime arrested musician Denis Solís González on November 9 and sentenced him to eight months in prison ...
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Regimes target the faithful in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Freedom of religion is under attack in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, due to authoritarian regimes determined to control expressions of faith. Dictators in the countries, or their proxies, have burned churches and harassed or teargassed worshipers, U.S. Agency for International Development Acting Administrator John Barsa told an August 20 discussion on religious freedom in the ...
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Briefing With Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Ambassador Michael Kozak On the Administration’s Efforts to Promote Democracy

SPECIAL BRIEFING MICHAEL G. KOZAK, ACTING ASSISTANT SECRETARY BUREAU OF WESTERN HEMISPHERE AFFAIRS VIA TELECONFERENCE MR BROWN: Hey. Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for joining us for this on-the-record briefing with Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Ambassador Michael Kozak. Ambassador Kozak will discuss the administration’s actions that have deepened democracy in the Western ...
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