How to tell fact from fiction online – even in wartime

When a country controls media outlets and spreads  disinformation as state policy, as the government of Russia does, what passes as “news” is often distorted. With millions of people sharing information online, often in real time, about Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war against  Ukraine , it can be hard to tell what is true. That is especially true since the ...
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U.S. helps allies fight cyberattacks

Cybersecurity experts from the U.S. Cyber Command are working with other nations to identify malware and network attacks. Cyberattacks undermine elections and threaten democracy. By working with host nations, Cyber Command has identified more than 40 malware samples since 2018. The best way to fight cyberattacks  and false information campaigns is to expose the weapons used in the attack. When an ...
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Want democracy? Keep the press free and active (April 29)

Want democracy? Keep the press free and active (April 29)   A strong democracy encourages a free press — one that keeps the public informed, enables a diversity of voices, and holds leaders accountable. There’s so much news around us — on the internet, television and radio and in newspapers — it’s easy to forget ...
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