Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Samuel D. Brownback Briefing on Rollout of U.S. Actions Against Religious Freedom Violators

SAMUEL D. BROWNBACK, U.S. AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE FOR INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM VIA TELECONFERENCE MR BROWN:  Thank you, Moderator, and thanks to everyone who’s joined the call.  This is an on-the-record briefing on the rollout of U.S. designations against religious freedom violators, including Country of Particular Concern, Special Watch List, and Entity of Particular Concern designations.  Sam Brownback, ...
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United States Takes Action Against Violators of Religious Freedom

MICHAEL R. POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE Religious freedom is an unalienable right, and the bedrock upon which free societies are built and flourish. Today, the United States – a nation founded by those fleeing religious persecution, as the recent Commission on Unalienable Rights report noted – once again took action to defend those who simply ...
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In Rome, Pompeo salutes defenders of religious freedom

Father Bernhard Lichtenberg endured imprisonment in Berlin during World War II rather than stop publicly supporting Jews and other victims of Nazi brutality. Condemned to a concentration camp, Lichtenberg died during his transfer from prison to Dachau rather than give up his fight for religious freedom. In September 30 remarks at a symposium organized by ...
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