Biden takes bold steps to fight climate change

On January 20, his first day in office, President Biden signed papers to bring the United States back into the Paris Agreement. On January 27, he issued an executive order deepening  America’s commitment to combat the climate crisis . “We can’t wait any longer,” Biden said before signing the order. “We see it with our own eyes, we feel it, we know ...
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U.S. return to Paris Agreement marks renewed climate commitment

By Leigh Hartman The United States is rejoining the Paris Agreement, renewing its commitment to partnering with other nations to tackle the global threat of climate change. After his January 20 inaugural address, President Biden signed  formal documentation  returning the United States to the December 12, 2015, Paris Agreement, a critical framework for avoiding potentially disastrous consequences from climate ...
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U.S. guarantees Europe’s energy security [video]

The United States continues to protect Europe’s access to energy sources, as it has since World War II. Europe needs access to diversified, open energy markets for economic growth. Natural gas imports , civil nuclear infrastructure and renewable energy sources developed through sound strategies are among the most trusted sources. Europe is entering a new era of energy ...
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