Famed U.S. ‘Nazi hunter’ now investigates war crimes in Ukraine

Prosecuting war crimes takes diligence and patience, and those traits are essential to bringing offenders to justice. Eli Rosenbaum has spent decades investigating and prosecuting Nazi war criminals at the U.S. Department of Justice. Today he is coordinating the Justice Department’s efforts — and working alongside other federal agencies — to hold accountable those responsible ...
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How the Amistad helped America live up to its ideals

By Lenore T. Adkins In 1839, the Amistad cargo schooner sailed from Havana to Puerto Principe, Cuba, with 53 Africans bound for a life of slavery on the island. But while aboard the schooner, the Africans fought for their freedom. Their battle gained them a reprieve. And soon, American abolitionists would take up their fight in U.S. courts. The Africans ...
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How police are held accountable in the U.S. (June 5)

How police are held accountable in the U.S. (June 5)   Recent events involving police and protesters in the U.S. have some people wondering if officers of the law are held responsible like everyone else. They are. Towns and cities typically take a two-pronged approach after a police officer uses deadly force: One inquiry looks to see ...
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