U.S. Holocaust Museum teaches the warning signs of genocide

Ever since the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum opened its doors in 1993, its scholars have been educating visitors about the horrors of Nazi Germany’s genocide of European Jews (and other targeted victims) leading up to and during World War II. But the Washington-based museum also has another important mission: helping the general public — as ...
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Commemorating the United Nations Declaration

January 1, 1942, was a milestone in diplomatic history — a day when representatives of the “Big Four” Allied countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China) gathered in Washington to sign the  United Nations Declaration , formally pledging cooperation in defeating the forces of fascism. The following day, representatives of 22 other Allied ...
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How Americans observed V-E Day during World War II (May 8)

How Americans observed V-E Day during World War II (May 8)   Victory in Europe (V-E) Day, when the Allied countries of World War II accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany, was celebrated as a festive holiday in many parts of the world. The occasion sparked unbridled, emotional public celebrations on May 8, 1945, in ...
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