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The Patrol Police Department Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Has Presented A Report
On The Activities Of Recent Years
May 5, 2022

The presentation of the report on the activities of the Patrol Police Department of recent years was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The event was opened with a welcoming speech delivered by the Director of the Patrol Police Department – Vazha Siradze. The presentation of the report was attended by the Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs – Aleksandre Darakhvelidze and Giorgi Butkhuzi, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and donor organizations. At the event, Vazha Siradze reviewed the events implemented at the Patrol Police Department, important projects and future plans.

According to the director of the Patrol Police Department, various technical projects have already been implemented to improve the functionality of the Patrol Police, as well as to equip the patrol inspectors and provide them with new shoulder video cameras. In order to increase access to police services, a Unified Service Center will be opened in Shida Kartli region in the near future. Unified Service Centers are also planned to be put into operation in Batumi, Kutaisi and Telavi.

In his speech, the Director of the Patrol Police Department – Vazha Siradze focused on the projects implemented and planned with the involvement of international organizations and the diplomatic corps and expressed gratitude towards them for their support and effective cooperation.