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U.S. Embassy Supports Georgian Judges to Attend International Women Judges’ Conference
May 19, 2023

Over 1000 women judges from 72 countries, including Georgia, attended the 86th Biennial International Association of Women Judges’ (IAWJ) Conference in Marrakesh Morocco from 11-15 May 2023. The U.S. Embassy funded four Georgian judges to attend this year’s conference. The speakers focused on the concept of “More Women Judges: More Justice,” noting that an increase in the number of women judges leaders to greater justice for all citizens. Although many countries, including Georgia, have gender-balanced judiciaries, there remains a gap with few women in leadership positions.

The U.S. government continues to promote gender equality and the importance of diversity at all levels and across all branches of government in Georgia. Fostering the development of a court system that encourages women to play a greater role in court management and in the development of the justice system is crucial. This conference was a great opportunity for the women judges of Georgia to be a part of a worldwide network of women judges as they address common challenges and as Georgia’s judiciary strives towards European aspirations and goals.