The USS Porter Visits Batumi Port (October 22)

The USS Porter Visits Batumi Port (October 22)

On October 22, USS Porter (DDG 78) entered Batumi harbor. The visit serves to highlight the continued cooperation between the U.S. and Georgia to promote regional peace and stability.

Commander C.M. Trent was greeted by Georgian Officials at the harbor and offered a traditional glass of Georgian wine. The ship’s crew was welcomed with the performance of a traditional Georgian dance and song, after which the Commander spoke to representatives of the local press. This is the ship’s second visit to Georgia.

The crew plans to participate in several official and cultural events during their stay in Batumi.

A Press Standup after the Event with Commander Trent

My name is Craig Trent. I am the Commanding Officer of the USS Porter. Thank you for the hospitality, thank you for the warm welcome – that was amazing. Georgia has a legendary reputation for hospitality, and you have certainly exceeded that – thank you so much. My ship is the USS Porter and, if you can see, it says “Freedom’s Champion.” That is the motto of the ship, and that refers to my country’s beginnings, founded on the principles of freedom. I know that those are the principles that we share with Georgians. That is what makes our friendship strong. Our ship visit is a symbol of that friendship. Again, thank you, it is great to be here. I look forward to the next few days’ great visit. My crew is excited. The city looks beautiful from here, but we cannot wait to get on those buses or just to walk out and explore and see things for ourselves.