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Thematic Inquiry Working Group Report on Disinformation and Propaganda
February 3, 2020

A man seated at a table speaks into a microphone while a woman sitting at his right listens
USAID Mission Director Peter Wiebler (right) attending the event. Photo: USAID Georgia

Anyone can be a target of disinformation, so all of us must build our media literacy and critical thinking skills. USAID is partnering with the government, civil society, and media to build Georgia’s resilience against disinformation. Accurate information is necessary for democracy to function.

Georgian civil society and media have spearheaded the country’s efforts to combat disinformation. With USAID support, civil society maintains online fact-checking platforms that discourage the dissemination of false narratives and provide fact-based counterarguments. USAID/Georgia supports regional media outlets that serve minority populations and the occupied territories, providing alternative news sources to Russian language outlets. USAID also supports local universities that provide training and technical resources to young journalists. The Mission is currently designing a stand-alone countering disinformation program to better connect civil society and media efforts, along with those of other non-traditional actors.

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) supported the Foreign Affairs Committee during the inquiry process, while USAID’s Good Governance Initiative (GGI) provided support in drafting and completing the report by engaging two independent experts.