TRANSCRIPT: Ambassador Norland on the FBI’s role in the Zurab Zhvania investigation (February 11)

Q-n about the FBI’s role in the Zurab Zhvania investigation

Ambassador Norland: Our position on this has been very clear going back for several years now.  The United States has always been willing to lend its law enforcement forensic capabilities to assist in the investigation of whatever happened to Mr. Zhvania and the person who was found with him.  That offer of forensic assistance was used before, and it’s available again if anybody wants to ask us for involvement.

[Follow up q-n about the conclusion itself]

Ambassador Norland: I am not sure what conclusion you are referring to.

Journalist: The one made public by Rustavi-2 yesterday, the classified part of the FBI report

Ambassador Norland:  The FBI made conclusions before on the basis of the information it was given, and the FBI will be happy to look at any new information that the government might want to present.