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U.S. Ambassador Kelly Degnan visits Pankisi
March 10, 2022

During her visit to Pankisi, Ambassador Degnan met with local community and youth leaders to hear their thoughts about regional security issues as well as accomplishments and successes and challenges the community faces. Community and youth leaders discussed the positive and lasting impact U.S. government funded projects have had on local communities in Pankisi. Through our 30-year history of diplomatic relations, the offices and agencies of the U.S. Mission to Georgia have made it a priority to promote inclusive governance, with a special focus on underserved communities. From the $1.5 million USAID Pankisi Community Links program strengthening community resilience and fostering Pankisi’s integration into national economic and political life to smaller Public Diplomacy Democracy Commission Grants to the Roddy Scott Foundation for English Language programs, Kakheti Regional Development Foundation for youth programs, and our continued partnership with the Rondeli Foundation in Pankisi. It’s through this whole-of-mission effort, with specific attention to each region, that the U.S.-Georgian partnership has grown.