Lost or Stolen Passport

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U.S. citizens should safeguard passports as they would any other valuable.

If your passport is lost or stolen, you are advised to report the loss/theft to the local police. We recommend that you submit your application for a replacement passport as soon as possible after the loss or theft is discovered.

To report and replace your lost or stolen passport submit the following in person:

If you cannot download the forms they will be provided when you come to the Consular Section.

  • It is important to report the loss or theft of a valid U.S. passport to the local police. Please bring your copy of the police report
  • Bring some form of government issued identification (e.g. driver’s license, residence card) as well as documentation that establishes your citizenship (e.g. birth or naturalization certificate, an expired passport).
  • 1 photo (2″x2″ inches or 5″x 5″cm) taken within the past 6 months (See our photo specifications page)
  • Fee of $145, payable in U.S. dollars or the Georgian Lari equivalent (accepted cash only)

You should be prepared to allow from 10-14 business days to receive a new passport. In cases where the applicant must travel urgently, the Consular section can issue an ’emergency passport’ which is usually valid for three months. This ’emergency passport’ can be exchanged later for a full validity passport at an embassy or consulate overseas or at a Passport Agency in the United States. See our section on replacing an emergency passport.


Important Notice!

Passports reported lost or stolen at the Consular section are invalidated and can no longer be used for travel.