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U.S. Department of Energy Undersecretary Hruby’s Visit to Georgia
June 23, 2023

Georgian Institute of Physics-Decommissioned Research Reactor

The United States and Georgia have worked together nuclear threat reduction since Georgia regained independence. U/S Hruby noted a great example of our cooperation at the Georgian Institute of Physics, where she visited a decommissioned research nuclear reactor. Dr. Zaza Rostomashvili, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics at Tbilisi State University an overview of Georgia’s radioactive waste management department, emphasizing the crucial objective of safely isolating and disposing of radioactive waste in a central storage facility. He highlighted the rigorous monitoring and regulation of the reactor’s operations and safety by the Nuclear regulatory Service, ensuring compliance with stringent nuclear and radiation safety standards. Undersecretary Hruby was also given a guided tour of the decommissioned reactor facility, which showcased its historical significance during the Soviet Union era and shed light on its current condition

The Administrative Boundary Line

Undersecretary Hruby also visited the Administrative Boundary Line near the village of Odzisi. There, she received a briefing on the living conditions and situation of the residents living in close proximity to the ABL.

Engaging with STEM Students

In a bid to foster dialogue and inspire future generations, Undersecretary Hruby met with STEM students at Ilia State University. The session was marked by an engaging conversation followed by a question-and-answer session. The topics covered a wide range, including potential nuclear threats worldwide and the educational opportunities and programs offered by the United States.