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U.S. Embassy Marks World Tourism Day
September 27, 2023

U.S. Embassy Marks World Tourism Day

In recognition of World Tourism Day, the U.S. Embassy commemorated the event by hosting a panel discussion that highlighted new developments in tourism investments.  Alongside representatives from the Resorts Development Agency, Agency of Protected Territories, Georgian Tourism Association, Georgian Mountain Guides Association, Eco-Tourism Association, Caucasus University, and members of USAID/Georgia and USAID Economic Security Program, participants discussed advancements such as support for skill-development and sustainable green practices, and innovative solutions to the challenges that Georgia’s tourism industry faces.”

USAID partners with the Georgian government and private sector to foster the growth of the Georgian tourism industry, with the goals of creating revenue, jobs, and prosperity for Georgian citizens and their families. Additionally, USAID aims to support development of a global brand to attract visitors from all over the world to explore Georgia.