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U.S. Embassy Statement on Events at U.S. Capitol
January 8, 2021

The storming of the United States Capitol was shocking and the violent actions of those responsible completely intolerable. As Secretary Pompeo said, lawlessness and rioting are always unacceptable. Tests like this of our democratic process are a reminder to the world that democracy cannot be taken for granted; it requires vigilance and hard work, and must be nurtured by every citizen. America’s institutions held fast, proving once again that strong institutions and commitment to the rule of law are the bedrock of a stable, functioning democracy. Order was restored and the U.S. Congress performed its Constitutional duty on behalf of the American people and certified President-elect Biden’s victory. For almost 250 years, Americans have strived to create “a more perfect union,” based on respect, tolerance, and rule of law. We are reminded again that our work to achieve that goal will never end.

We would like to thank our Georgian friends from across the political spectrum for their messages of support. We look forward to a positive, prosperous U.S.-Georgian strategic partnership in 2021.