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U.S. Embassy Tbilisi statement on Parliament’s adoption of legislation
to protect victims of child abuse, sexual exploitation, and trafficking
July 13, 2020

The U.S. Embassy commends Parliament and its Human Rights & Civil Integration Committee, under the leadership of Sopo Kiladze, for adopting important legislation aimed at protecting victims of child abuse, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. The new legislation increases penalties for serious sex offenses against children, improves sentencing consistency, and clarifies provisions that were vague or at risk of being used ineffectively. This legislation has the potential to greatly strengthen Georgia’s ability to deter, prosecute, and vigorously punish offenders and to protect children and other vulnerable persons from these heinous threats. We must all work relentlessly to eradicate child exploitation from our communities, and these new laws are a key step toward that goal. The U.S. Embassy will continue to advocate for, and invest in, effective solutions to protect children. Georgia has shown leadership in adopting this legislation. We stand ready to assist with its implementation and with further reforms to improve victim protection and hold perpetrators to account.