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U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
June 22, 2022

U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is the U.S.  Government’s development finance institution. DFC partners with the  private sector to finance solutions to the most critical challenges facing  the developing world today. We invest across sectors including energy,  healthcare, critical infrastructure, and technology. DFC also provides  financing for small businesses and women entrepreneurs in order  to create jobs in emerging markets. DFC investments adhere to high  standards and respect the environment, human rights, and worker rights.

Our Mission 

DFC launched in December 2019 with a mission to confront the most  urgent issues facing developing countries across the globe. Today,  emerging markets need significant investment to generate electricity for  growing populations, expand access to modern technology, confront  climate change, provide quality healthcare, and increase manufacturing  capacity, including the capacity to manufacture lifesaving vaccines.

DFC’s tools are helping businesses pursue promising opportunities  that improve lives across the developing world, helping address critical  development challenges as well as advance U.S. foreign policy and  national security. The agency’s porfolio spans over 100 developing  countries across Africa, Latin America, the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East,  and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and DFC prioritizes investment in low and lower middle-income countries to deliver inclusive growth among  underserved populations.

DFC investments are also helping advance development finance  institution collaboration on infrastructure development to bolster private  sector investment in shared priority sectors including climate, health,  gender equity, and digital connectivity.


Debt Financing 

Direct loans and guaranties of up to $1  billion for tenors as long as 25 years, with  specific programs targeting small and  medium U.S. businesses

Equity Investments 

DFC direct equity investments can provide  critical support to companies committed  to creating developmental impact

Feasibility Studies 

Support for the analysis of a potential  DFC project

Investment Funds 

Support for emerging market private  equity funds to help address the shortfall  of investment capital

Political Risk Insurance 

Coverage of up to $1 billion against  losses due to currency inconvertibility,  government interference, and political  violence including terrorism. DFC  also offers reinsurance to increase  underwriting capacity

Technical Assistance 

Support to increase the developmental  impact or commercial sustainability of  existing DFC projects or develop potential  DFC projects

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Our Focus Global Health 

DFC responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic and  supports multiple projects that are expanding vaccine  manufacturing capacity across the developing world.  The agency is also prioritizing investments in other areas  including water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and food  security, which contribute to improved health outcomes.


DFC is a leader in financing projects that generate power  from renewable sources and is focused on advancing  climate mitigation as well as adaptation and resilience to  help developing countries adapt to the severe weather and  other impacts they are experiencing due to climate change.

Our Impact Gender Equity 

DFC’s 2X Women’s Initiative has catalyzed more than $13.5  billion and is working to catalyze an additional $12 billion by  2025 toward women’s economic empowerment by investing  in projects that are owned by or led by women, or which  provide a product or service that delivers a strong benefit to  women.

Information and Communications  Technology (ICT)  

DFC recognizes ICT as an important tool for advancing  development and supports investments that expand access  to affordable technology, strengthen infrastructure such as  data centers and subsea cables, and support critical services  such as fin-tech, telemedicine, and online learning.

Expanding access to clean water in El Salvador 

Financing to Azure Source Capital is supporting loans to small cities and rural communities for investment in new and  rehabilitated water pumps, pipelines, and storage tanks to improve water supply for 300,000 people.

Bolstering vaccine manufacturing capacity in India  

DFC’s financing to woman-led Indian manufacturer Biological E. Ltd. will help the company expand capacity to produce  at least one billion COVID vaccine doses by the end of 2022.

Protecting vulnerable populations against natural disasters 

A DFC loan is helping the InsuResilience Investment Fund work with financial institutions to develop and expand  insurance to protect climate-vulnerable and low-income populations against extreme weather.

Advancing ICT infrastructure in Africa 

Financing is helping Africa Data Centres build and expand data centers in South Africa, Kenya, and other countries to  meet a growing demand for information and communications technology.

Helping refugees access financial services 

DFC financing will help Kiva Refugee Investment Fund LLC support microfinance lending to refugees, internally displaced  persons, and impacted host populations in 13 countries, with a focus on women and youth.