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U.S. International DFC CEO Scott Nathan’s remarks to Media at American Hospital Tbilisi
June 22, 2022

CEO Nathan: I’m thrilled to be here today to tour the American Hospital in Tbilisi to see the tangible results of the support from the United States, from my agency, the Development Finance Corporation. Back in 2014, we committed $18 million in financing to help support this extremely important project, and today, here it is open with hundreds of people—doctors, nurses, staff—working here providing a really important health care to thousands of people.  I couldn’t imagine a more impressive facility. We’ve toured it from top to bottom. I’ve met the impressive management team: the doctors, the nurses, and seeing the facilities, which are really world-class, state-of-the-art—it’s fantastic. Today, we’re also announcing a technical assistance grant of $800,000 to support displaced and injured Ukrainian adults and children who need critical care at this time of need in Ukraine.  There couldn’t be any more important time to show the support of the United States for Georgia.  Our history over the last three decades has supported a wide range of projects here across many sectors, but today to celebrate our investment in health care here, one that supports not only the people of Georgia, but the generosity that the people of Georgia are showing to the people of Ukraine, who in this time of need as a result of the Russian aggression against their country, are here in order to get the incredibly important support and healthcare that they need.  So it’s been fantastic to have this visit, to meet everybody. I’m thrilled to be here.