U.S. Marines volunteer to help Tbilisi Infant House and Prezeti Village (January 4)


In early January U.S. Marines based at the Krtsanisi National Training Center (KTA) as part of the Georgia Deployment Program volunteered to help local communities.  On January 4, Marines visited and delivered toys, candy, food, and other products to the children at the Tbilisi State Infant House, a state-run home established for orphaned children with special needs.  Director Tea Simonia took the Marines on a tour of the premises and introduced the 56 children residing there to the Marines. Children remain at the facility until they reach the age of six, after which they are then moved to the Kojori State Orphan House and reside there until 18 years of age.

On January 8, U.S. Marines partnered with the International Baptist Church of Tbilisi to donate apple trees and gifts to the 300 households in Prezeti Village.  The village is home to over 1,000 displaced Georgians who are originally from Akhalgori in South Ossetia.