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U.S. Secret Service Work with Georgian Counterparts on Training to Identify Counterfeit Currency
May 24, 2022


Representatives of the US Embassy Diplomatic Security Overseas Criminal Investigations Division and US Secret Service personnel paid a working visit to the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

During the visit, a meeting was held between the heads of the Investigation Service and their American colleagues. The guests got acquainted, with the main activities of the Investigation Service and the statistics of criminal cases detected by the Service. An agreement was reached at the meeting, to continue cooperation, in order to share and implement best practices in the field of financial and economic crimes.
During the working visit, US Secret Service personnel conducted training on counterfeit money identifying techniques for the employees of the Investigation Service. The American colleagues shared their practical experience with the investigators and conducted in detail overview of technical characteristics of counterfeit banknotes.

The parties noted, that such meetings and trainings will help Georgia to deepen cooperation with the United States as its strategic partner and share experiences in the fight against financial crime.