Ukrainians in Georgia to participate in Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS) demonstration (December 1 – 3)

This week, Georgian government officials welcomed their counterparts from Ukraine’s Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Foreign Affairs for a demonstration of the Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS).  EIDSS is a software system that assists in reporting, case registration and monitoring of human and animal diseases. The system collects and distributes data, notifies users of events in near real-time, and provides access from desktop, web and mobile devices, which allows it to link together different levels and ministries of a national disease surveillance network in a secure and expedient manner.  With support from DTRA, Georgia began implementing EIDSS in 2004.

Given the great success of EIDDS in Georgia and the goal of enhancing comprehensive regional and global public health surveillance, Georgian officials contacted their Ukrainian colleagues and invited them to observe EIDSS in person through several days of hands-on demonstrations.  This visit supports DTRA’s mission in supporting global public health surveillance in partner countries, to bring these counterparts into the international scientific community, and to develop a level of technical public health surveillance expertise within the country.