US Embassy Supports Teenage Social Entrepreneurs in Khashuri (June 9)

IMG_9938On June 9 US Embassy staff attended a presentation by five young teenage social entrepreneurs at Khashuri School #8.  The bright, energetic, and creative teens presented their business and social ideas to regional and Khashuri city officials, guests from the US Embassy, and other supportive societal organizations.  The presentations were the result of a youth entrepreneurship initiative, “Laboratory of Ideas and Decisions,” and it is hoped the proposals presented will become actual business and social projects benefiting Khashuri’s economic and social development.  Rehabilitating Khashuri’s park, developing a collaboration café, starting a camp festival featuring Khashuri’s natural resources, and developing model farming for small agricultural households were some of the ideas proposed.  Khashuri officials lauded the teenagers’ initiative and said it would look for ways to support them and other ideas from Khashuri’s youth.  Young, successful entrepreneurs from Tbilisi attended the presentation and said they would also look for ways to support the projects.  The US Embassy has been supportive of youth entrepreneurship in Khashuri since 2014, including assistance from a family member who taught the teenagers how to develop a business plan and pitch their ideas.  The Embassy will look for ways to continue to support the “Laboratory of Ideas and Decisions” in Khashuri in the future.