US EUCOM EOD Engineers train Georgian MoD for Humanitarian Demining (April 29)


US Army Europe, European Command 702nd Ordnance Company engineers SFC Henderson, SSG Shuler, SGT Combs and SGT Lowery continue to train Georgian Engineer Brigade EOD soldiers. Yesterday, MAJ Colin Thompson from ODC Tbilisi, Mr. Eric Han from the US Embassy, military attaches of four countries, and Mr. William Lahue head of the NATO Liaison Office, Tbilisi attended a public training event to see the progress Georgian engineers have achieved in search, detection, identification and disposal of different types of explosive ordnance. Next week, training team will move to Vaziani Range to conduct live explosive exercises. This training will enable Georgian EOD engineers to conduct Unexploded Materials Disposal for humanitarian purposes and will improve NATO interoperability and enhance greater partnership with NATO countries.