US EUCOM provides wheelchairs to people with disabilities (April 6)

United States European Command (US EUCOM) Offices of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in Georgia has recently finished a humanitarian assistance project which provides wheelchairs to the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia for further transfer to people with disabilities.

The $150,000 project, provided 79 Manual Roughrider and 61 Power Roughrider wheelchairs.  The wheelchairs were produced in Georgia by the Coalition for Independent Living (CIL) where more than half of the employees are people with disabilities who put their experience of navigating the sidewalks and streets in Georgia to practical application in the design, fit and finish of their products. Custom-tailored wheelchairs come with sufficient cushion and other features; in addition, CIL provides training for those beneficiaries who might require an orientation or consultation on how to use the wheelchairs more effectively.

This project follows another that was implemented in 2012, when US EUCOM provided wheelchairs to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Social Affairs of Georgia for 300 beneficiaries.