USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia Visits a Georgian Primary Education Project (G-PriEd) Project (April 13)

Tbilisi, April 13, 2016 – USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia Thomas Melia, USAID Mission Director Douglas Ball, and the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Tamar Sanikidze will visit USAID’s Georgian Primary Education (G-PriEd) project.

The USAID Assistant Administrator and USAID Mission Director will observe classes and visit students at Public School #64 in Tbilisi.  The visit is an opportunity to see how G-PriEd’s activities are helping transform Georgian classrooms from post-Soviet, teacher-led ones, to resource-rich, student-focused ones that cultivate critical thinking, problem solving skills, and dynamic engagement of students.

The G-PriEd project currently covers basic education in ten percent of all public schools in Georgia.  The program provides assistance to Georgia’s primary education system to improve basic reading, math, and entrepreneurial skills of Georgian and ethnic minority students in grades one through six, creating a competitive 21st century workforce able to fuel economic development.