USAID supports creativity-focused curricula through Georgian Primary Education (G-PriEd) program (January 22)


On January 22 USAID Mission Director Douglas Ball visited two classes of primary school students that are part of the unique, USAID-supported Georgian Primary Education (G-PriEd) program.  Students learned the basics of financial literacy and entrepreneurship as part of a new component of G-PriEd’s broader, five-year education project – courses that prepare students to think critically and creatively.  Initially, G-PriEd’s core objectives were to increase primary students’ reading and math competencies at approximately 300 public schools.  The success of G-PriEd’s approach has led many additIMG_7420ional schools to request the program.  To meet the demand, G-PriEd increased the numbe
r of targeted schools from 300 to 565.