World Humanitarian Day

Today we celebrate World Humanitarian Day by highlighting the great work of the Office of Defense Cooperation, which over the last two years, has administered over 30 humanitarian assistance projects with a total value of over 7 million USD. These projects were executed in seven regions of Georgia and include the following:
– $500,000 in support to veterans by providing medical equipment to the Veteran’s Hospital
– $900,000 in support to the IDP settlements with potable water well and shelter for disabled elderly people
– $1,500,000 in support to the healthcare sector, mostly for COVID-19 preparedness and response
– $700,000 in support to the Emergency Management Service Center and local governments across the country to increase their disaster prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities.
– $3,000,000 was spent on equipping and training the Ministry of
Defense of Georgia personnel to ensure that the civilian population is protected from unexploded ordnance and explosive remnants of war across the country.
– $600,000 worth of non-lethal DoD excess property items, such as graders, generators, tents, and high mobility vehicles to various municipalities help them provide essential services to their population.
Beyond these cooperative, long-term projects, the Embassy’s USAID office has consistently answered the humanitarian call during the pandemic. Just last year, USAID programs have
– Trained and mobilized 429 community volunteers to deliver food and hygiene supplies and psychosocial support; provided emergency food and hygiene assistance as well as psychosocial support to 19,000 households;
– Delivered 6,000 liters of hand sanitizer and 350 handwashing stations to public schools in Georgia’s Russian-occupied region of Abkhazia; and
– Delivered supplies (sanitizers, liquid soap, gloves, disinfecting barriers, masks, and contactless thermometers) to schools and kindergartens in Adjara, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti regions, as well as regional branches of Georgia’s State Care Agency and National Probation Agency to support the continued delivery of their essential services during the pandemic.